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Our Chef Series dinners celebrate through collaboration with the numerous talented Chefs, local purveyors and service providers in KC that make this city a culinary destination.


We host these ticketed dinners on the last Tuesday of the Month.

Previous Chef's Series Experiences:

#1 Yoli Tortilleria - Chef Marissa Gencarelli

#2 Korean AF - Chef Keeyoung Kim of Sura Eats 

#3 French AF - Chef Philippe Lechevin of Buffalo State 

#4 Meat Sweats AF - Broadway Butcher Shop

#5 Fish Fest AF - Chef Stuart Aldridge

#6 Art AF - Chef Mark Dandurand of Canary

#7 Colorful AF - Chef Kara Anderson

#8 Spiced AF - Chef James Change of JChang Kitchens

#9 Southern AF - Chef Laura Comer of Kauffman Center

#10 Harvest AF - Chef Rachel Rinas

#11 Crossroads AF - Chef Vince Brink of Torn Label

#12 Classics AF - Chef Ryan Williams

#13 Italian AF - Chef Chad Tillman

#14 Waldo Thai - Pam Liberda + Darrel Loo

#15 Tacos AF - Chef Fernanda Reyes of Taco Naco

#16 Wild AF - Chef Rick Mullins

#17 Glampfire AF - The Campground Team

#18 Geonbae AF: Part Duex Keeyoung Kim Boogaloo

#19 Steet AF - Chef Katie Liu-Sung

#20 (meat)BALLZ AF

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