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After 2 plus years of successful Chef Series dinners we will be taking a break for a while, thanks for all your support on this journey. This has been so fun to build a community of friends and chefs who are passionate about food and fun!

Our Chef Series dinners celebrate through collaboration with the numerous talented Chefs, local purveyors, and service providers in KC that make this city a culinary destination.

Previous Chef's Series Experiences:

#1 Yoli Tortilleria - Chef Marissa Gencarelli

#2 Korean AF - Chef Keeyoung Kim of Sura Eats 

#3 French AF - Chef Philippe Lechevin of Buffalo State 

#4 Meat Sweats AF - Broadway Butcher Shop

#5 Fish Fest AF - Chef Stuart Aldridge

#6 Art AF - Chef Mark Dandurand of Canary

#7 Colorful AF - Chef Kara Anderson

#8 Spiced AF - Chef James Change of JChang Kitchens

#9 Southern AF - Chef Laura Comer of Kauffman Center

#10 Harvest AF - Chef Rachel Rinas

#11 Crossroads AF - Chef Vince Brink of Torn Label

#12 Classics AF - Chef Ryan Williams

#13 Italian AF - Chef Chad Tillman

#14 Waldo Thai - Pam Liberda + Darrel Loo

#15 Tacos AF - Chef Fernanda Reyes of Taco Naco

#16 Wild AF - Chef Rick Mullins

#17 Glampfire AF - The Campground Team

#18 Geonbae AF: Part Duex Keeyoung Kim Boogaloo

#19 Steet AF - Chef Katie Liu-Sung

#20 (meat)BALLZ AF

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